Our Services  
Web Design:

We offer the following services, subject to your requirements:-

  • Complete Web Design matching your needs at a competitive price
  • Hosting your website, using the world's No.1 hosting company to ensure reliability
  • Consultancy & advice services
  • Data Collection Forms
  • Mail Forms (and other contact forms)
  • Feedback, Surveys and Opinion Polls
  • Newsletters & Mailing Lists
  • Bulletin (Discussion) boards
  • Add your site to all major search engines for you.

We can provide an end-to-end service for your photography (or other) competitions.  Our aim is to handle all aspects of a competition on your behalf.  These may include:-

  • Design of your site, whether a bespoke design or to match your existing site(s)
  • Rules and conditions
  • Full entry procedures and forms.
  • Handle all the entries for you.  We currently handle up to 2,000 images an hour for the Picture Editors' Awards, larger volumes are easily achieveable on your behalf.
  • Full support to entrants, via email or phone as required
  • Registration/data collection
  • Creation of Newsletters and Mailing Lists on your behalf
  • Judging and voting procedures - either online or off-line
  • Creating a gallery of winners, and even a gallery of every entry received if you wish
  • Advice and guidance throughout the competition's lifecycle

These lists are not exhaustive - please contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can help you.